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  1. artistic, problem solving, mischevous, critical thinking, highly accomplished, innovative, inventive, resourceful, experienced, imaginative, communicators, of the savviest ape variety.
  2. your one stop resource for all your graphic design, web design and promotional needs.

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graph•ic de•sign /’grafik de’zin/

  1. We not only combine text and images to produce advertisements, magazines, books and promotional materials, we also offer you 20+ years of experience in visual communication and effective story telling with every design or project.

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web de•sign /’web de’zin/

  1. Today’s websites are dynamic and responsive. They must be user friendly across multiple platforms and devices. We can help you design a website that meets your business needs and provides your customers with a unique experience.

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web de•vel•op•ment /’web de’velopment/

  1. Developing a website requires more than web hosting and domain names. We can help you determine what type of hosting, functionality and interactivity best suits your needs and conveys your intended message. By providing custom programming, we can make your website jump right off the screen.

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cre•a•tive monk•eez /kre’adiv muhng-keez/

  1. Guillermo Meraz - Graphic Designer/Web Designer/Web Developer, 20+ years experience in graphic arts. B.A. in Business Marketing, A.A. in Computer Science.
  2. Theresa Meraz - Marketing Professional, 15+ years of indian gaming experience in player development, gaming promotions, event planning and live entertaiment management.

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